Rednetic Recordings

Rednetic Recordings is an experimental electronic record label that was founded by Mark Streatfield in 2002. Formed around a nucleus of friends who had been producing music since the 1990s, it was conceived from the outset as a platform for both music and design. It has released well respected global artists such as Inigo Kennedy, Infinite Scale, An On Bast.

Mark runs the label (as well as being a prolific musician in his own right), overseeing its artistic progression; collaborating with talented artists and designers for each release. Since its inception the label has embraced the ever shifting digital landscape of music production and promotion, by taking clear design-led decisions to engage with the audience. Each release, both physical and digital, incorporates bespoke elements of design and photography.

It is a natural progression to transfer the knowledge gained from running the label into the broader remit for KodeTwo. We see this as a way of growing the ecosystem of musical and artistic relationships; a continuation of the journey.