Fantasy Enhancing

Album artwork: "Mick Chillage - Intervals of Light"

Published: 14th December 2018

KodeTwo have designed and constructed the Fantasy Enhancing website, and it's a satisfying extension of our relationship to be chosen to work on this cover artwork too.

A landmark release from respected ambient artist Mick Chillage. A limited edition 150 CDs in 3 panel DVD digipak packaging. The artwork is based on an image of the sun breaking through between the trees causing intervals of light, evoking the tranquil nature of the music.

The website was created as a one page shop with basket, with the needs of the music fan front and centre. Under the hood the site infrastructure was migrated from an XML file to a database. The HTML works on a bootstrap framework allowing for an expanded basket that flows smoothly via responsive mechanisms across all devices.

Subconscious Algorithms

Website, branding, art direction and promotion

Published: 12 November 2018

The brand new label Subconscious Algorithms debuts with two slices of classic techno from label runner Norken (Lee Norris) exclusively distributed by Juno Records.

Early in the process of setting up the label we were approached by Lee to come up with a cohesive visual identity for the label, which will release a series of limited edition 180 gram vinyl. Key to the design process was a desire to reflect the structural nature of the music. The brand motif draws inspiration from mathematics, electronics and medical imagery. Paring away unnecessary embellishments, the stylised lettering distills this essence. For the sleeve imagery, our approach incorporates flexibility to evolve the designs over the life of the project, evoking kineticism in still images and drawing upon an op-art aesthetic.


Website refresh

Published: 16th October 2018

We have curated a new ‘Events’ page for the Ramjac Website. With a steady stream of new live appearances, a traditional ‘News’ section was felt to be too limited. We provided scope to include reviews of events in order to aid promotion. In addition the content needed to be more intuitive to update and navigate. This is the latest component of our site-wide upgrade.

Paul Chivers (aka Ramjac) had an unwieldy and dated website which covered the history of his musical career as a sound artist; reggae percussionist; studio engineer and teacher. He was re-launching his Ramjac project with the release of the classic track “Cameroon Massive” on vinyl.  As part of the relaunch he wanted his site to focus on new work and act as a calling card to attract more live bookings. KodeTwo evaluated the content and carefully selected the best quotes to explain Paul’s unique musical process and showcase his vintage live analogue set up of reel to reel tape machines.

We streamlined all the content to make an engaging and vibrant site that reflects the eclectic Ramjac sound.

Txt Recordings

Delivery Consultants and album artwork: "Iluiteq - Soundtracks for Winter Departures"

Published: 2 November 2018

As delivery consultants for Txt recordings KodeTwo have co-ordinated artwork for a number of releases, including an original design for Iluiteq’s upcoming release on the label.

This year we have already completed the artwork for Wil Bolton’s - Viridian Loops (available November 2018) and optimised already commissioned artwork for other releases including Joel Tammik’s - Imaginary Rivers release. This achieves a greater consistency across releases and consolidates the design process, providing a single point of contact.

KodeTwo prepared all artwork files for print and liaised with the printers to get the finished releases manufactured. This included producing mockups to visualise the final product and to use as promotional images.